Curse of the iPhone 7
  1. Forgot to charge my Bluetooth headphones before a 4 hr flight
  2. They died 1.5 hrs into the ride
  3. Didn't bring the dongle and regular earbuds
    "They take up too much space," I carelessly thought to myself. 😒
  4. First time I've said this, but "DAMN YOU NO HEADPHONE JACK!"
    😡grumble grumble😡
  5. Brought two (yes TWO!) portable chargers with me for the vacation
  6. But forgot to charge one of them
  7. Now that I've got my phone charged, time to charge the wireless earbuds
  8. Listening to other people grumble, cough, snore
  9. Maybe I'll try for a nap
  10. But next time I'll remember to CHARGE ALL THE THINGS! 📱🔌🎧