Last night was our "at home date" for this November. It was a wine a cheese night 🍷🧀
  1. It was wonderful to chat with my husband, no phones or tv
    We talked a lot about the past, and where we see ourselves in the future.
  2. We had four different kinds of cheese
    5 year aged yellow cheddar, 4 alarm cheddar, Van Gogh Gouda, and Brie Fermier
  3. We had some crackers and apples to go with it
  4. Here's the spread
  5. For dinner, we had meatballs
  6. And a party crasher
  7. After dinner, we watched Bad Moms
    Which was hilarious 😂
  8. By the end of the date, we realized we went through 4 (😳) bottles of wine
  9. Another successful date night!