I love the State Fair! This includes trying new deep-fried goodies and old classics.
  1. Something new - Deep Fried Brandy Ol' Fasion
    Homemade orange pound cake, marachino cherry & brandy cream cheese filling, battered and fried. Topped with orange caramel and bitters reduction whipped cream. Served with orange and cherry garnish.
  2. Something new - Loaded Twister Dog
    Spiral cut Potato wrapped around an all Beef Hot dog and deep fried. Topped with Jalapeno Pale Ale Cheese Whiz, Mayo and Sriracha Ketchup. Sprinkled with Water Street Brewery Oktoberfest Beer Candied Bacon Bits and served on a stick.
  3. Something kinda new - Wine tasting
    10 different samples each (a usual drinking fest), but these wine glasses though! Created by a Wisconsinite to intensify aerobatics, prevent splatter in this shatter proof recyclable cup. 🍷
  4. Something classic - corn dog
    Not pictures because I devoured that juicy wiener! 😳
  5. Something classic - Wisconsin grown baked potatoes!
    Chose your own toppings on this spud
  6. Something classic - corn on the cob
    I don't know how they do it, but they have *the* best corn every year!
  7. Something Kinda new - beers, lots of craft beers
    We checked out Flight School at The Micro for a flight of three new (to us) beers
  8. Something classic - flavored milk
    But damn, they raised the price from 25¢ to 50¢! Instead of 4 for a dollar we only got two flavors. I got root beer and John had boring strawberry.
  9. Something kinda new - cheese curds!
    not really new to eat, but not something we usually opt for at the fair