Fun in the sun! ☀️🏝🍹😎 Had such a wonderful experience.
  1. Get a drama free squad
    Mine consisted of this group of awesome friends and family
  2. Spend plenty of time by the pool
    Hydrate and sunscreen though!
  3. Drink like a local
    This is called a Mexican flag shot; take one shot at a time of lime juice, tequila, Clamato
  4. Eat like a local
    Oh my gosh, my mouth is watering just thinking about those street tacos.
  5. Find the biggest margarita Cabo has to offer
    This bad boy (or girl) is called the Mamarita and has a full bottle of tequila in it. You can find it at Hooliganz Corner Bar
  6. Go to the touristy bars; c'mon I know you wanna!
    El Squid Roe, Ripz, Nowhere Bar, and Giggling Marlin - at which the bathroom attendant remembered me from 2 yrs ago! Pays to be nice 😄
  7. Get up and see a sunrise
    Felt so blessed to be in such a beautiful place, see the sun come up, and hear the waves
  8. When you're ready for a change of pace, food wise, check out Daikuko for sushi!
    It's such a cute Japanese themed restaurant, tucked away from the main street. Ask to see the wine cellar below!
  9. Need a beer? Head to Baja Brewery for a flight.
    No, seriously - 7 beers for $10 is hard to pass up
  10. Take a boat ride out to El Arco (know as Land's End)
    If you're lucky, you'll see sea lions or sting rays leaping from the water