Take any combination, and you've got a show!
  1. Must have to Love It list includes adding an extra bathroom, bedroom, living area, master closet, 3 more garage spots, bowling alley, ice skating rink...
    All with a $3,000 budget!
  2. Must have to List It list includes open concept, an extra bathroom, an extra bedroom, man cave, turnkey, within kids current school district, close to work, downtown, lots of commuting options, next door to Harrison Ford or Woody Harrelson, an in home Starbucks, with a ferries wheel
    All with a $125,000 budget!
  3. Home owners use the bathroom at the same time to show that it's just not big enough for two
    Usually trying to brush teeth or do hair, not using the toilet - that'd be crazy...
  4. Home owners open every possible door in the kitchen to show that the kitchen is too small
    Cabinet, pantry, fridge, oven doors all open at the same time. Because that obviously happens on a daily basis
  5. Home owners are unorganized, but need to move so they can destroy another house
  6. David goes over budget and outside of target area to find the 'perfect' house
  7. Hilary foresees a budget problem
  8. David says something snarky to Hilary
  9. Hilary thinks David's a douche
  10. Home owner requests something ridiculous
    "I'd rather have a new staircase than an updated master bedroom." "I'd rather have a second full bathroom downstairs than indoor laundry." - Srsly...
  11. The contractor comes in with a BIG problem that eats up Hilary's budget
  12. Home owner doesn't understand that it's a good idea to redo plumbing, insulation, and/or electrical work to make the house more livable
  13. Hilary redoes a basement
  14. David's last choice is over budget