This is the beginning to fun in the sun with a trip to Punta Cana! 🌴☀️ Accompanied by husband, John, and travel buddy, Brandy.
  1. Drop puppy off and be sad 😕
  2. Brandy arrives to our house, early
    I like it!
  3. We need grub
    Stopping at The Brick for dinner.
  4. Random stops...
    Speedway, need to fill-up Felix before heading to Chicago; BMO for Brandy to get that money; CVS for trashy magazines, water camera, beer for John, and a two plugger so we can all charge our phones in the car on the way down.
  5. Snooze
    Break from 9-1am; watched Chef and took a nap 😴💤
  6. And we're off!
    Quick prayer and were on our way to O'Hare.
  7. Pre-Flight Airport Parking
    Gettin' that free coffee. Nothing like a good brew at 2:30am ☕️
  8. We saw a car at the airport parking lot that was covered
    WTF was that car?! If it's that important wouldn't you not take it to the airport? Wouldn't you have a driver to drive you, especially for the airport? Aren't you rich enough to leave your covered car at home?
  9. FYI - O'Hare TSA doesn't open until 3:20am..
    Well that would've been nice to know. {shrugs} here now and finally through.
  10. Need more nourishment
    Pot stop at McDonald's- totally needed bottled water. John looks like one of those snakes trying to attack it's pray by unhinging his jaw (gotta eat that steak bagel with the added hash brown somehow).
  11. Checked out the books at the bookstore... Either I've read it or have no interest.
    Danielle Steel or Star Wars wasn't really doin' it for me today.
  12. First drink of the day!
    Titos and tonic - with a real lime! Notice the Goldfish in the background, because I'm an adult.
  13. Made it through customs and get offered two shots right away - I love it!
    1) pineapple tequila 2) chocolate tequila
  14. Super nice experience with Expedia's travel counter.
    Now in the van looking to get to our hotel. Oh and text all three parents so the know we're safe.
  15. Wowzahs! Free upgrade from Riu Bambu to Riu Palace Bávaro
    The guy at the front desk offered us a free upgrade to the Palace Bavaro, which includes all upgrades/access to the four other connected Riu resorts.
  16. Walking around the beach and resort, even though it's overcast/rainy.
    Still got some nice pics
  17. Whoa - had buffet dinner... Shots with dinner
  18. And card games back in the room before an early night of bed
  19. BUT John does okay
    By this I mean he's really proud of saying "but I was still the most awake."