Or day two of the Brandy, John & Rachel adventure
  1. Ugh - had to walk the beach to get to Riu Bambu to ensure our ride home
    Well that took awhile. Our driver, Marcos, was on vacation too, so we had to talk to another guy. He told us to come back on Wednesday morning to make sure we get back to the airport.
  2. John needs to keep his burnt parts under the water...
  3. Walk back to the hotel to make dinner reservations.
  5. We sat at one of the tables in the pool drinking strawberry daiquiris all morning.
  6. Water aerobics!
    "Boom, boom, boom, I want you in my room..." Well this got a little sexual with the Black Pearl... Yes, he called himself the Black Pearl. Circle floating, combinations, and messages from strangers... Well, I had Brandy...
  7. More drinks at the pool followed by lunch buffet
    Oops - I spilled nachos all over the floor. Quick! Run away before anyone finds out it was me!
  8. Nap time....
    😴💤 interrupted by room service. Forgot to put the DND on the door...
  9. Up and ready for the next part of the day!
  10. Brandy killed the blow dryer
    "It sucked in my hair! Ow that hurt." It came with giggles so she's not in pain. Just in general pain from the sun burn.
  11. And while we're on the subject of sunburn, I forgot to mention how white John is with his splotchy sun burns all over his arms, back and neck..
    Not as bad as Indiana sunburn, but still gross looking
  12. Okay so dinner at Geisha...
    Wow - what an experience
  13. Starting with a sushi platter.
    I tried them all. John tried 2 and a half... Meaning the California and unagi roll and part of the spicy tuna roll
  14. These basic bitches next to us asked if the seaweed was spinach, then cut their sushi in half with a knife and fork, then ate it with the fork.
  15. OH SHIT
    They gave us shots of mamajuana. WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS?? Oh our waiter trying to be 'nice'???? I know your secrets, I've had this before. Okay I'll do it...
    I knew from the smell! I remember that smell. It was awful. There was a waterfall of mamajuana pouring down my face. Brandy and John decided to drink it all - while I thought "I'm an adult and I'm not doing tot all!"
  17. Okay, okay - dinner was normal, and good. I had the chicken satay and Brandy and Juan had the sweet and sour pork.
    BUT John was like "oh, let me slam all the vino blancos."
  18. Then we had dessert
    Juan and Brandy each had a mango cannoli, but John decided to eat it like he just got out of jail.
  19. Well that does him in
    John left us girls and went to the room
  20. Then one of the waiters asked how old we were
    Tried to tell him we were both 30, but he thought we were babies.
  21. Okay, so left the restaurant
  22. But before that Brandy wanted to comment on... Deez ballz
  23. Brandy and I went back up to the room, hoping John wouldn't be passed out
    Well, lucky us, he opened the door because we didn't have a key.
  24. And we're all drunk... Various positions of drunk but, yes, all at some kinda drunk.
  25. Room fun
  26. Juanito is so 'special' he puts the headphones in to 'wake up'
    And he looks redic; look how proud he is 😄😄😄 love him ❤️❤️
  27. He is still going at it... 15 minutes later.
  28. Ahhhhhh and I sang!
    Shoop- wanna thank ya motha for a butt like that. I made all kinds of friends for singing this!
  29. Back at the bar... We all ordered margaritas for #nationalmargaritaday
  30. And according to Brandy I spoke way more Spanish tonight than she thought I knew.
    Probably more than I thought I knew too.