Oh boy ...
  1. Well, I threw up until 12:45,pm and continued to power nap until 4ish
  2. John and Brandy went to the beach
    Brandy did not like the beach - sand was in every crevice. There were sand castles being made - kids were going to town on these.
  3. Brandy and John walked the strip.
    John almost took a digger, which saved Brandy's life.
  4. They had the pizza
    Bad pizza, good location. The French fries were good (or in John's words "good papas). The pizza was doughy and sauce-less, but the cheese game was on point.
  5. John got hit up for cigars on the beach walk back.
  6. They came back to the room
    Okay so they checked on me - Brandy took a nap, while John drank from the bar in our room.
  7. I finally woke up at 4pm
    Struggled to put on a one piece swimsuit. The struggle was real.. Then these fuckers told me they didn't want to go to the pool and that we should get ready for dinner. I tried SO HARD to put that damn swimsuit on, and it was all for not.
  8. Dinner time!
    Tonight we had dinner at the Italian restaurant.
  9. Brandy fail...
    She ordered the seafood spaghetti... Except she didn't know what it was on the menu... So she had to have the [icky, IMO], lasagna con mushrooms.
  10. Oh wow... Shots with dessert - I'm pretty sure we almost died.
    Well, John almost died. We couldn't figure out what his shot was at first. Brandy the brilliant was able to nail it down right away - Sambuca... OR death in a glass. Ewwww - black licorice
  11. After dinner we got our seats at the show tables.
    Brandita and I both danced with the animation workers and John went to bed. He was coughing up licorice.
  12. This show was about three couples doing random competitions.
    Balloon popping like Karma Sutra, booty balloon popping, Dirty Dancing, and coin up the butt drops. Couple #1 from Iowa won.
  13. Awwwww shiiiiiiit - during the show a light cap fell off
  14. After the show, Brandy and I went up to the room to check in on John.
  15. John wanted to come to the disco with us, but we knew how tired he was and told him to stay in.
  16. He came out for a brief time anyway.
    He had a couple of beers and walked back to the room.
  17. Brandy and I stayed out to dance at the disco.
    And Black Pearl hung all over her all night.