Day four of our shenanigans
  1. Wednesday- the day we had to go back to Riu Bambu to ensure our transportation was arranged.
  2. Yes - finally got that out of the way and made sure they pick us up from our upgraded hotel
  3. Time for drinks at the swim up bar!
    And over by the in-water-table
  4. The pool seemed cold to get into, but I just yelled, "VACATION!" And ran down the stairs all the way in
  5. Oh and frisbee fun!
  6. Brandy went to relax... More frisbee fun. John nearly hit a few people... 😳
  7. Walking over to Brandy, John gets interrupted by on of the animation guys, "want to play water polo?" John's response, "I can't I have to go back to the Palace." 😄😀
    Okay Princess, time to go meet back up with Rajah. Lololol
  8. Okay, he didn't really go back to the Palace then, but Brandy and I did lounge in the sun for a bit, while John went to the ocean.
  9. I thought I'd be a good wife and surprise John by going to the beach too.
    I really don't like getting sand everywhere and getting the salty water up my nose, so that's why it was a fun surprise 🌊
  10. After about an hour of playing, we went back to find Brandy
  11. Oh, oh! The chefs at Bambu made grilled jerk chicken, right out by the pool! How fun is that?
    We sent John up to get the food - such a good guy. At least when we sent him up for seconds, we also got him more drinks
  12. Okay, now time to go back to the Palace...
  13. And hit up this swim up bar for a bit!
    We hung out with a woman named Leigh, also from Wisconsin. While talking to her, I noticed that one of my earrings were missing. I thought I found it and kept diving down, but was missing. A guy came over and tried to help. I thought I found it, and dove down to his foot, but it was really just a peanut in the pool.
  14. And look, I get a coconut to drink out of!
  15. Dinner time at Krystal, the fusion restaurant.
    John had the lobster risotto, Brandy had the beef, and I had the sea bass. We all agreed this was our favorite dinner spot of the trip.
  16. Afterwards we went to the lobby bar for a few drinks, then into La Fiesta for the show.
    Tonight's show was all about the Dominican culture. The dancing and costumes were lovely.
  17. When the show was over, we went back to the lobby bar for a few more drinks, then to the sports bar for nachos before finally retiring to bed.