Things I'll aim for in the year to come.
  1. Use my cookbooks more often
    I have 3 that I use pretty often, and 25+ collecting dust. Either I'll use them more or give them away.
  2. Work out again
    I sprained my back in January and have been afraid to start working out again. I had physical therapy all summer, where I was told not to strain my back. I'll have to take it slow in the beginning, but look forward to getting back at it.
  3. Make time for family and friends
    Whether it be dinner/drinks out or a quick text session to catch up.
  4. Make time to scrapbook monthly
    Sometimes I'm really in top of it, and other times (like now) I feel far behind.
  5. Stick to menu planning
    Like scrapbooking, I go through periods of when I'm really good at this, and others where everything seems too hectic to keep up. It's a good feeling to plan meals ahead so we're not doing the whole "I dunno" when it comes to dinner.
  6. Eat at the kitchen table more often
    Um, I think we've ate at the kitchen table like 5 times this year. More of that, less vegging out in front of the TV.
  7. Clean out the basement
    We've lived in our house for nearly 6 years. The basement used to be some kind of call center (long story), but there are still wires everywhere that need to be removed. Plus I want to get rid of all the old junk (paint cans, faux brick panels, etc.)
  8. And that's it 😄
    Easy-peasy, right?