Applying for a job that'll pay the big bucks...
  1. Candidate calls 10 minutes after I email him to schedule an interview.
    Please email me back, don't call.
  2. Polite chit chat
    Yes, I know who you are, I recently emailed you...
  3. And the convo goes -
  4. Candidate: where are you from?
  5. Me: I'm based out of Milwaukee
  6. Candidate: where in Chicago is that?
  7. Me: oh, it's in Wisconsin.
  8. Candidate: is that Wisconsin near St. Paul or Chicago?
  9. Me: No, it's Wisconsin, the state, north of the state you are currently living in.
  10. Candidate: I live in downtown Chicago
  11. ...
  12. I tried to be polite and explain, but I just couldn't.
  13. I had to change the subject
  14. Okay, thought I'd share