In no order, for no reason 😄
  1. Cartoon character: Chuckie Finster
    He was so lovable!
  2. Runner up: Quinn Morgandorpher
  3. Singer: Ed Sheeran
    I love his voice, his music, his covers - 'Dirtty' and 'Trap Queen' are two of my favs.
  4. Actress: Isla Fisher
    Super funny!
  5. Actress: Karen Gillian
    Am I the only one that misses the show #Selfie?? Loved it and loved her as the leading actress
  6. Actor: Rupert Grint
    Okay, mainly because I love Harry Potter, but he was so good in those movies.
  7. Athlete: Matt Bonner
    The Red Mamba
  8. Legend: Lucille Ball
    She was comedic perfection. I can still go back and laugh at the reruns.