We always open presents on Christmas Eve... first thing in the morning because we are both present monsters!
  1. Puppy goes first
  2. Not too sure...
  3. Raccoon!
  4. And a donut!
  5. Husband's turn
    He really didn't want me to take a picture since he's still in his pj's
  6. New underwear and a heated throw
    He always steals my heated throw, so he needed one of his own.
  7. My turn!
    Don't mind the scary hair and glasses
  8. 1-5 Harry Potter on blu-ray with digital copies!
    Yayyy!! I only had 6-8 on blu-ray, and my dvds were getting burned out.
  9. We didn't spend a lot on gifts this year. We wanted to save money for more vacations and adventures in 2017 😄
  10. Hope you all get want you want for Christmas, and more!
    😘 xoxo