For real, Milwaukee to Boston is rough 🚗
  1. Wisconsin to Illinois
    Highlight: still had the excitement of starting a new trip. Lowlight: not knowing if our iPass will work right away with a rental car.
  2. Illinois to Indiana
    Highlight: Chicago buildings, I love their skyline. Lowlight: Siri got confused and took us on the wrong road
  3. Indiana to Ohio
    Highlight: I took a 20 minute nap. Lowlight: I'm dying inside, such a boring state
  4. Ohio to Pennsylvania
    Highlight: the great smell of a storm. Lowlight: driving through construction, in an unknown state, through a storm
  5. Pennsylvania to New York
    Highlight: quick to get through. Lowlight: not quick enough...
  6. New York to Niagara Falls
    Highlight: DETURE TO THE FALLS! Lowlight: none, glad we did it
  7. Niagara Falls back to New York
    Highlight: driving on Rainbow Bridge. Lowlight: getting back into the US took for-ev-er
  8. New York to Massachusetts
    Highlight: a lot prettier than I thought it'd be. Lowlight: this state is a lot longer than I thought it would be
  9. And... Massachusetts is another long state; Boston is 2 hrs away from the NY border.