Either to-do thoughts or 'help me fall asleep' thoughts.
  1. Did I set the sleep timer on the tv?
  2. The dog peed and pooped before bed, right?
    Please let him sleep throughout the night
  3. Counting should help me sleep.
  4. Count to 100 in English
  5. Count to 100 in Spanish
  6. Count as high as I can in other languages. French: 1-3... German: 1-10
    I need to learn more languages
  7. Picture each number in a different font or size as I count
  8. Wonder if I could do my horizontal sleep pose vertically?
    Some sleep poses, could you do them while standing? New yoga poses I suppose.
  9. Think of a fruit or veggie alphabetically
    Apple, banana, cantaloupe, dragon fruit, etc.
  10. If I push husband, will he stop snoring?
  11. If I fall asleep now, how many hours will I get?