This show gives me all the feels
  1. From episode 1, I've been hooked
  2. I can related on different levels
  3. A marriage like Rebecca & Jack
    I love my husband - no matter what
  4. Kevin
    Craving attention, from anyone and everyone. Please just like me!
  5. Chubby kid Kate
    Care Bear bikini - I've always been the chubby girl, will this 'baby fat ever go away?'
  6. Randall...
    I was adopted by a white couple too. Since day one. No one will take my parents away from me.
  7. I've given this show the 'no phone' status
    No checking my phone for status updates or likes or whatever else. No touching it during this show.
  8. Love it so much ❤️️❤️️❤️️
  9. Oh and... my thirst is real
    Hubba hubba