3 girls escaping the Wisconsin winter that just won't go away, and celebrating International Women's Day with lovely ladies 💓
  1. Airport drinks - ready to go!
  2. Morning brunch at Rachel's Kitchen
    Great name. The owner even came up to introduce himself; very friendly staff all around
  3. Mob Museum!
  4. Banger Brewery
    These flights were amazing! Great flavors
  5. Ready to see Backstreet Boys!
    FF: Joey Fatone was there and they brought him up on stage to serenade him. Adorable and fun!
  6. Harrah's Piano Bar
    This guy tried to convince us he was Robbie Williams. My friends were fooled; how am I the only one to know who Robbie Williams is?
  7. Ugh- needing our morning coffees
  8. Followed by cocktails at The Wynn
  9. Lovin' the sun ☀️
  10. I feel like a giant!
    And I'm only 5'3"
  11. Before the Bellagio fountain show
  12. Flippin' $15 for a vodka ginger ale
  13. After we were told our flight was cancelled.... at 12am
    Played mom and got us a last minute hotel reservation. I handled things.
  14. I feel "on brand" here
    Reading, drinking coffee, chilling in my leggings
  15. Such an amazing trip!
    Aside from the last minute flight cancellation, it was damn near perfect. 💓💓💓