What April Looks Like in My Phone

  1. Sleepy puppy
  2. Cheese curd adventures!
  3. Typical spring weather; rain and hail
  4. Easter potluck at work
  5. Puppy getting ideas about jumping out the window
    It's okay. I have a tight grip, he just likes the wind
  6. Not so pretty unicorn 🦄
    Tasty and sugar-filled
  7. The weirdest fortunes from a fortune cookie
  8. Glow in the dark paint date
  9. A little light reading
  10. Beer flight Sundays
  11. Hanging out with the gal pal at the lakefront
  12. Wasn't expecting to go into the Chicago office with a broken laptop
    Really wasn't expecting to get a new badge and picture! No makeup, I brushed hair, but they were nice about it.
  13. Best thing about Spring? My cherry blossoms are blooming.
    Excited for summer 🍒