Around the World
  1. I've done a few other Wildtree workshops, but wanted to switch it up.
  2. Today I did Around the World.
  3. If you don't know, Wildtree is a freezer meal workshop. You prep the meats/veggies ahead of time, then go to the workshop for the spices, recipes, and other finishing touches.
  4. I like Wildtree ingredients since they're all natural, organic
  5. My bundle included
  6. I take the meals home, freeze them and pull them out whenever I'm ready to use.
  7. Here are the 10 meals I made/prepped:
  8. Fajita pulled pork
  9. Italian herb crusted pork chops
  10. Asian flank steak
  11. Zesty citrus chicken
  12. Fajita chili
  13. Green chili chicken burritos
  14. Sweet & spicy Thai chili chicken
  15. Hungarian beef goulash
  16. Sesame fusion chicken
  17. Bangkok chicken satay
  18. My freezer's stocked
  19. 😋