Xander 🐾❤️

My little love
  1. Here is the love of my life
  2. Meet Alexander Captain Black-Beard
    Guardian of the Establishment, Co-Pilot to the Vehicles, and Boat Captain
  3. Or Xander for short
  4. His black beard has slowly faded away since we got him.
    His birthday is March 24, 2011
  5. He's a wonderful little toy poodle ❤️
  6. We got him through a rescue that found his litter in Alabama.
  7. His litter was considered an outdoor litter. The reason was, they could never be Show Dogs because their coats were mixed colors.
    His dad was phantom and his mom was apricot. Apparently there's racism in the dog world too. When they found his mom, her legs were matted together so badly, she couldn't even walk 😢
  8. I'm so thankful for rescuing this little fluff ball. He warms my heart.
  9. Xman loves to look out the window.
    He thinks he's protecting us from people that walk by our house.
  10. He loves to lay with us and watch TV.
  11. He really gets into it sometimes.
  12. He also loves belly rubs
    When he shows his teeth like this, it means he's smiling 😁
  13. We like to go on adventures
    Just say the world 'walk' or 'car ride' and he'll jump for joy until we leave.
  14. When Xander is in a deep sleep, he'll snore
    And occasionally fart. He gets really relaxed I suppose.
  15. He likes to sit at the table and see what we're up to for dinner.
    In case there's anything he can have.
  16. He loves his toys.
    But always manages to chew the ears and tails off first.
  17. He gets to spend time with his uncle (my mom's dog) whenever we go on vacation.
  18. Sometimes he can be a little diablo
    But look at those eyes, you can't stay mad at him for long.
  19. I love my little baby angel face boo
  20. He's really the best ❤️❤️❤️