Inspired by @ListPrompts. 2015 rocked.
  1. January
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    Celeb stalking at Sundance, and it was very successful! Some highlights were Queen Connie Britton and Robert Effing Redford. Also saw Chris Pine from afar and Alec Baldwin and Keanu Reeves.
  2. February
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    Went to see Britney live in Vegas and it was everything I could have ever dreamed.
  3. March
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    Went to Disneyland with some of my family, including my niece, who was going for the first time 💙💙
  4. April
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    I guess not that much happened in April? But here's a pic of a sketchy looking lorry that I saw that month.
  5. May
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    Saw James Bay live and it was amaazing. Good year for concerts, I also saw Ingrid Michaelson, Chvrches, and of course Taylor Swift. 😍
  6. June
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    A surprise visit from my sister in law and my other niece! We took this amazing selfie.
  7. July
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    Lots of fun summer times, but I think this pic sums it up. From one of our two Lagoon days this year!
  8. August
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    I have too much for September, so I'm squeezing this into August because it was so important. Went to the 1989 tour in SLC and it was amazing. And we all dressed up as various Swifts, and it was the best night of all of our lives. And yes I speak for all of us. Featuring @jordyn as Blank Space Swift, and @heykylie as Bad Blood Swift. (I'm a Shake it Off Swift, in case that wasn't obvious).
  9. September
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    I went home to go to France and Italy for three weeks and it was amazing and magical and I took literally hundreds of photos, so here is just one. It's me with (some of) the fam in Avignon.
  10. October
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    Still quite proud of my Halloween costume tbh. (Sadness from Inside Out).
  11. November
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    Spent Thanksgiving in Seattle, and had an amazing time. This is me and (some more of) the fam.
  12. December
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    Wow what a year it's been! Ended strong with Christmas times and a trip to England. I am very hashtag blessed. Here's a pic of Covent Garden, decorated for Christmas.