There's always one. I suggest cutting that friend out of your life, but if you are attached to them for some reason (maybe they are rich?), here are just a few examples to show them.
  1. Wildest Dreams - Grammy Museum
    This one has converted a lot of people in the last couple of days.
  2. Out of the Woods - Grammy Museum
    But she already killed it with this piano version of Out of the Woods.
  3. Love Story - Radio 1 Live Lounge
    Bonus points for an awesome arrangement.
  4. Riptide (Vance Joy cover) - R1 Live Lounge
    "Oh but of course she can sing her own songs" they say, but hark! Look at this amazing cover of Riptide!
  5. White Blank Page (Mumford & Sons cover) - R1 Live Lounge
    Or even this throwback (2011) Mumford cover!
  6. I Knew You Were Trouble - VS Fashion Show
    "Ok, but that's only when she's in that sort of environment, she can't sing in big arenas or in front of lots of people." Wrong! Look at this performance of Trouble! Or any performance of Trouble tbh
  7. I Knew You Were Trouble - Capital FM Jingle Ball
    She was even sick this day!! That note at 2.55!!
  8. All Too Well - 2014 Grammys
    I mean, come on. Even if the vocals weren't flawless (which they were), it wouldn't matter anyway because of how emotional this performance is and how perfect this song is. Your previously Taylor-hating friend has probably been converted by now, so sit back in awe and watch this together.
  9. BlankSpace- another performance at the Grammy museum recently released
    Suggested by @saracasserly