Not so much "secret" as much as things that I am weirdly passionate about that I never get to properly discuss with anyone.
  1. The 100
    Yeah it's on the CW and appears to be such a "teen" show that it seems embarrassing, BUT I just burned through the first two seasons on Netflix and I'm obsessed. That 💩 is GOOD. I also feel oddly guilty for cheating on TVD, the other CW show I watch that's meant for teenagers.
  2. Arbys' Twitter bio
    "We have the tweets." Hahahahahahahahahahahhaa
  3. The bassist from Coldplay
    Why don't we talk about him more??? His name is Guy Berryman and he's super duper hot.
  4. Watching people dance, especially in movies
    I think a lot of people like this, but we don't get enough of it. This also leads me to...
  5. The Step Up movies
    Yes, even after no. 1. They are terrible in terms of plot/dialogue/anything else really, but they always have really awesome dance sequences and fun music and I like them ok.
  6. Montages/supercuts
    Make it a montage or supercut of dancing in movies and 💯.
  7. Oprah's bread commercial
    "This is the joy for me. I. Love. Bread." I hope one day someone talks about me the way Oprah talks about bread.
  8. Leslie Mann
    I think she's hilarious and why is she not in more movies? See also Joan Cusack.