I mean, like, aside from the obvious things, like the deaths and such.
  1. The fact that Cedric's ghost got to say more to Harry than his Mum did when he was dueling Voldemort (book 4)
    And the only thing she said was that his Dad was on his way. Kind of made up for it at the end of book 7, but I'm still bitter.
  2. Were Harry, Hermione, and Ron Neville's only friends?
    Because it seems like it and if so what did he spend most of his time doing for the first 4 years? He must have been so lonely! :(
  3. That Harry and Hermione missed Ron's big quidditch match/Gryffindor winning the cup (book 5)
    And pretty much all of book 5 tbh. Including...
  4. That Harry had that freaking mirror and could have talked to Sirius the whole second half of book 5, maybe even (probably) preventing his death.
  5. That no one from the order told Harry why he needed to learn occlumency.
    Would've taken 2 seconds to explain that Voldemort could plant fake visions and thus also possibly prevent Sirius' death.
  6. Again, Sirius could have been saved if Harry had just LISTENED TO HERMIONE
    Because Hermione is ALWAYS right and the only reason Harry achieved anything/is even still alive, she told him Voldemort was probably just trying to get him to the Ministry and SHE WAS RIGHT. (Caps used in tribute to ALL THE CAPS IN BOOK 5.) She was also right about house elves, and Kreacher specifically.
  7. And PS Hermione was right about the Half Blood Prince too
    LISTEN TO HERMIONE. If he had, Harry wouldn't have used sectumsempra when he had no idea what it did, and the following wouldn't have happened either...
  8. Harry missed his last Gryffindor quidditch match ever—and as the captain, no less.
    It would've been a nice way for it to end, and to finish of his time at Hogwarts, for us too (since he doesn't go back in book 7).
  9. Poor Reg Cattermole and his wife.
    Were they ok??? Did they get out of the country???