It's an emotional roller coaster being me! Inspired by occasion #1.
  1. Listening to the long version of the song "Mirrors" and thinking about JT and JB and their little baby.
    "You are, you are, the love of my life."
  2. One time when I got a D on a German test, and my teacher pulled me aside to berate/express disappointment in me.
    I'm like the average-student version of Rory Gilmore.
  3. That commercial about St. Jude's children's hospital.
    Also the one with the ducks in the oil.
  4. Anything military related.
    I don't even particularly like the military but any of those homecoming or veteran or remembrance things make me weep like a baby.
  5. The first time I listened to "Out of the Woods" by Taylor Swift.
    Also "Clean" and a few times each time I saw her live, but that's not weird, right?
  6. Once when I got angry during a heated argument with a coworker about speeding tickets.
  7. When I saw Take That live and Robbie Williams came on stage.
    I can't explain it.
  8. When I failed my driving test.
    This one was super embarrassing. I had a full on meltdown in front of the examiner.
  9. The first time I watched the trailer for the live action Cinderella.
    The TRAILER.
  10. One time when I had had a rough day and my roommate brought home an entire sheet cake by coincidence.