I've had a varied Halloween history.
  1. Dorothy
    My first costume I had tiny, two-year-old ruby slippers.
  2. Mary Poppins
    When I was three, I was Mary Poppins. I was a very mature three-year-old.
  3. Maid Marion
    From "Robin Hood". My mom sewed it & my brother was Robin. I wore a flower crown before it was hip to do so for this costume.
  4. Betsy Ross
    One year, I trick-or-treated as Betsy Ross. It was amazing and I had little tiny scissors in a hoser hung around my neck.
  5. Geisha
    Once I asked for candy at various businesses around New York City dressed as a geisha. I started out the day with the traditional white face makeup, but it progressively rubbed off so by the end of the day I just was a tad vampiric.
  6. Gangster
    This night, I started out as an FBI agent/detective. But people kept mistaking me for a gangster so I ripped off my badge, grabbed a toy gun from my brother, and went rogue.
  7. Audrey Hepburn
    I have been Audrey Hepburn for Halloween five different times. That should tell you how much I admire this goddess.
  8. Sherlock Holmes
    By far my favorite. I found a long coat at Goodwill and I made a deerstalk cap and a pipe. I was a twelve year old girl but I looked exactly like the great sleuth that year.