Both in conversation and in text. It annoys almost everyone but it's part of the territory that comes with knowing me.
  1. AF- as fuck
    Honestly say this several times a day and I know it's tired and overused in general but I DON'T CARE.
  2. V - very
    To me this means more than just very, more like VERY and is also sometimes used twice in a row in my most dramatic moments.
  3. Tbh- to be honest
    A true classic, remember when people used to post tbh statuses on facebook and then write on everyone's wall who liked it???? People hate this at first and then eventually start using it and they always blame me.
  4. Mulu- miss you love you
    Pronounced moo loo. A friend and her long distance boyfriend used to say this and I started saying it to make fun of her but it stuck in my vocab and I will never stop.
  5. Ily(sm) - I love you (so much)
    Another classic. I usually say this when I know I'm being annoying/asking for a favor, so basically all the time.
  6. RT - retweet
    Without a doubt the best (only) contribution Twitter has made to my life. Earns a lot of weird looks but I'm over it.
  7. Rn - right now
    I don't even know why I use this so much, probably because I'm needy and want things the second I think of them.