I only wish it had something to do with romance
  1. It snowed all morning here in St. Louis
    St. Louis is one of the most ill-prepared cities for the amount of snow they get each year. And I'm saying that coming from Dallas, TX a city that has probably 1 snow plow.
  2. I needed to make a trip to the grocery store
    It's not very far, 2.3 miles to be exact. I just checked Google maps.
  3. Today was not my first time driving in snow
    I don't do it very often. Did I mention I'm from Texas? But it's not my first winter in St. Louis and Dallas does get the occasional snow fall.
  4. But I got stuck in the snow
    I was changing lanes to turn into the parking lot and moved into a snow packed lane. I learned today my car doesn't have 4 wheel drive.
  5. When I tried to accelerate my front tires didn't move and my back tires just fishtailed
    I managed to get most of the way over to the side of the road but I couldn't move forward at all.
  6. I started to freak out
    Obviously. I was alone, inexperienced and I was petrified I would somehow make it worse.
  7. I called my mom
    This is where the water works started. The second I started explaining to her what was happening I felt the tears on my cheeks.
  8. She suggested I try to find someone to help push my car
    I was right outside a movie theater and there were several people walking toward the door. By the time she convinced me to approach a stranger everyone had walked inside.
  9. So I walked into a movie theater on Valentine's Day crying hysterically
    The man I asked for help was very kind and he and his friend helped push my car. I don't even know their names but I am forever indebted to them.
  10. I pulled into the grocery store and parked my car
    I quickly wiped the tears off my face and tried to pull myself together as much as possible.
  11. Then I walked into the grocery store and called a friend to pick me up
    I was nervous about driving back and didn't think I could handle it. As soon as she answered the phone I started to cry again.
  12. So I also cried in the grocery store on Valentine's Day
    Bringing me to a grand total of two public cries in one day, about 5 minutes apart.
  13. I honestly can't remember the last time I cried in public before today
    Sad cried. Not happy tears at a wedding crying but hysterically sobbing on the phone with your mom and best friend in front of total strangers.
  14. I ended up driving myself home
    After finishing my shopping I felt a lot better and realized it would be more trouble to get my car later than to just drive home.
  15. I pretty quickly recognized the humor in the situation
    I sent several snap chats to friends and they all responded or texted me immediately to check on me.
  16. Reminding me that I have really amazing friends who love me
    If Valentine's Day is really all about love maybe this was just my personal reminder that there are a lot of people out there that truly care about me. Even if I'm not great at driving in the snow.