Anyone can write a massively successful young adult book simply by throwing these ingredients into the story!
  1. Main character: Ordinary girl-next-door who looks like a supermodel but she doesn't know it.
    Excels in school but is an outcast in the social hierarchy of high school (probably a nerd). Also helps if she likes weirdly obscure books, movies and/or music.
  2. Girl has a sassy Best Friend whose every word she hangs on to.
  3. Girl absolutely hates a guy at school who has been in her class since kindergarten.
    Guy teases her a lot, calls her names, and can't seem to leave her alone. He is however surprisingly nice to everyone else but her.
  4. MAJOR PLOT TWIST: Guy has been in love with Girl for 9 years!
    Any unrequited love that lasts 6 years or longer is optimal.
  5. Guy has a Jock Best Friend who Girl is secretly in love with.
    Girl's Best Friend is also in love with Jock Best Friend. Drama!!!
  6. Girl starts hanging out with Guy a lot and grows to not hate him.
  7. Girl and Guy almost kiss at a party and it freaks them both out.
  8. After spending hours pacing about in her bedroom with Best Friend, Girl realizes that she's in love with Guy.
    Best Friend also says something really deep that makes her realize her feelings.
  9. Girl miraculously gets over Jock Best Friend in a blink of an eye and now only has eyes for Guy.
  10. The prettiest, richest & meanest girl at school, Queen Bee, is not happy with Girl and Guy getting close.
    She either has had a crush on Guy for forever or has a history with Guy. Queen Bee is also usually a sociopathic manipulative b--tch.
  11. Queen Bee threatens Girl in the bathroom and leaves her with a fake smile and a "toodles!"
  12. Girl cries. Guy catches her crying. Guy comforts her. They share a sweet moment. Guy says something profoundly romantic and, well, profound.
  13. Guy asks Girl to go to the prom/homecoming dance with him—as friends.
  14. Girl accepts and they hug.
  15. The day of the dance arrives. Guy arrives at Girl's house. Girl slowly walks down the stairs as Guy lets out a "wow" at the beautiful sight in front of him. Girl's Father threatens Guy, Girl's Mother cries and takes a billion photographs of the couple.
  16. Guy and Girl carpool with Best Friend and Jock Best Friend in a limousine.
  17. At the dance, Queen Bee goes onstage to say something humiliating to Girl. Girl loses it, shouts at Queen Bee and stands up for herself, eliciting thunderous applause and cheers from onlookers.
  18. Queen Bee, having just been dethroned, shall hereby be referred to as Bee.
  19. Bee cries and tries to storm out of the gym with her Minions but her Minions stand up for themselves and become Girl's new friends.
  20. Prom/Homecoming King & Queen are announced and surprise surprise! Guy and Girl win!!!
  21. As the newly-crowned royalty share their first dance together, they also share their true feelings to each other and kiss. They also giggle a lot.
  22. Best Friend and Jock Best Friend also get together at this dance.
  23. 10 years later, the foursome tie the knot together.
    Two couples, of course. Double weddings creep me out but to each their own!
  24. They have a bunch of cute babies named after their parents and grandparents.
  25. THE END!!!