I have a paper due at 11:59pm tonight for humanities and as usual, I have been procrastinating hard. Here's a list of things I've been doing while procrastinating. AKA the things I have somehow prioritized over a paper worth 20% of my grade.
  1. Tried to search the internet for open calls because I really want to be involved with 'High School Musical 4' even if it's just to be a janitor on set or a personal assistant to the junior assistant key grip II.
  2. Playing Old School RuneScape.
  3. Spending 30 minutes at the In N Out drive thru.
  4. Watching adorable videos of singing huskies on YouTube.
  5. Cleaning the bathroom.
  6. Getting lost because they closed the exit ramp without any warning whatsoever.
  7. Refreshed the decisions pages of the colleges I applied to about a hundred times.
  8. Binge-watched 'Parks & Recreation'.
  9. Wrote a long status on Facebook making light of a very dark situation in which the guy giving out free samples at Krispy Kreme gave out free donuts to everyone except for me.
  10. Ogled at pictures of cars my parents sent me from car-shopping.
  11. Banged out some Brahms and Chopin on my poor electronic keyboard which probably can't handle all that banging and slamming.
  12. Did not go to the gym.
  13. Went to school and spent class time not working on my paper but writing this list.