1. Wells
    YES. Absolutely.
  2. Evan
    Nope. He seems weasel-y and pastors creep me out.
  3. Chad
    I'd hate make out with him so hard. Maybe he would help me find a luxury piece of real estate. Maybe we could make out in said piece of luxury real estate.
  4. Luke
    Yes but only if he lets me wear his dog tags
  5. James
    If we meet at one of his gigs, yes. Not in any other scenario. There's something about a big man holding a small guitar, you guys.
  6. Grant
    Chad said something about him looking like a character from sponge bob and I have always thought that! (Handsome squidward) no to Grant and an extra yes to Chad
  7. Jordan
    Yes. He is obviously going to win but I'll make out with him when jojo is done