1. what if my tooth falls out of my mouth
  2. what if i get fired today
  3. what if i'm late to work
  4. what if the metro gets stuck and we all die in the tunnel
  5. what if that email i just got says i'm fired because i was late to work
  6. what if diet coke doesn't have 0 calories in it
  7. what if i spend my whole life wondering if diet coke has calories in it
  8. what if these jeans don't fit tomorrow
  9. what if this milk is actually 2% instead of skim
  10. what if everyone i think likes me actually hates me
  11. what if someone finds out how many times i listened to justin bieber's "sorry" today
  12. what if everyone THINKS they like me but then realize they hate me
  13. what if i run into my high school best friend-turned-archnemesis on the street
  14. what if the person calling me is an account at work i somehow ruined
  15. what if i get 30 emails while i'm eating lunch
  16. what if this meeting is about how i am fired
  17. what if my brother gets married before i do
  18. what if my boyfriend turns out to be gay
  19. what if i never get married
  20. what if i accidentally get pregnant
  21. what if all of my teeth eventually disintegrate
  22. what if i change my mind about having kids and then can't get pregnant
  23. what if my heart just stops working in my sleep
  24. what if i get carbon monoxide poisoning
  25. what if i die alone
  26. what if i get alzheimers like my grandma
  27. what if god is real
  28. what if god isn't real
  29. what if splenda really does give you cancer
  30. what if all these what ifs stop me from living my life