~moving tomorrow~
  1. a couch
    because my current one belongs to my roommate
  2. a new bookshelf
    because my current one is too cumbersome to move, so i won't
  3. shower curtain
    because my current one is dirty
  4. string lights
    so it will look pinterest af and because there is no space for a bedside lamp
  5. succulent
    to go with my new vibe
  6. basil plant
    to go with the succulent
  7. french press
    because i will be too poor to buy coffee
  8. a small dining table
    at which to drink my coffee
  9. hangers
    so all of mine will match
  10. cookie sheet
    because i don't want to clean the one i have
  11. beer
    to thank my boyfriend for doing most of the work