1. coffee
    blond roast with a little skim milk & two splendas. if i don't feel guilty for asking you to spend money on me -- sugar-free vanilla latte with almond milk.
  2. sandwich
    NOT the reuben knockoff actually referred to as "the rachel" because ew.
  3. oatmeal
    on the stove, with almond milk and a bit of vanilla. after cooking, add: 1 tbsp maple peanut butter, 1 tsp raspberry jelly, chia seeds, half a peach cut up.
  4. wine
  5. salad
    arugula & spinach, candied pecans, sweet potato chunks, goat cheese, craisins, cucumber, pesto vinaigrette
  6. brunch
    start with coffee, then 2 mimosas. any dish that involves a runny-yolk egg and some sort of breakfast potato.
  7. movie
    sneak in mike & ikes, purchase a small diet coke at the theater. see a movie starring an adorable man (zac efron, john krazinski, paul rudd, ryan gosling, etc) and an adorable woman (zooey deschanel, emma stone, anna kendrick) who overcome all odds stacked against them to fall in love while making topical references and witty jokes.
  8. skirt
    solid color, a-line skater skirt, stops right above the knee, maybe some buttons
  9. date night
    going out to dinner, getting a little tipsy, then coming home and cuddling on the couch while watching a tv show i like a lot.