Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. a small bag of trolli sour gummi worms, so i do not eat too many
    NOTE: you will have to create the small bag, as the only small bags they sell also have small worms. i do not want the small worms.
  2. a hand-written note of all the things i do that you think are cute
  3. 5 extra iphone chargers bc all i do is lose mine or forget it constantly
  4. "you've got mail" on dvd with a box of tissues for when i watch it
  5. biore pore strips -- nose AND chin
  6. one of those stewart's orange cream sodas in the glass bottles
  7. a new pair of leggings
  8. a pint of ben & jerry's "milk & cookies"
  9. taylor swift on vinyl
    "red" if i'm heartbroken, "1989" for anything else. should also include record player so i can listen to this.
  10. $5 so i can buy a sausage, egg & cheese on an everything bagel the next morning