1. 1.
    look, i get it. i see what you are all saying. but logan is: a. rory's hottest boyfriend, b. loved her more than any of the others and c. DID NOT FORCE HER TO STEAL THAT BOAT OK??? he was not as emotionally mature as he could have been but let's all wake up here NEITHER WAS SHE. there were many problems with this relationship but bottom line i would date logan also he is hot as hell.
  2. 2.
    here's the thing: whenever people talk about rory/jess, they are always REALLY talking about the version of jess that has his life together instead of the one she actually dated. that being said, jess when he gets his life together is probably my ideal man. he is #2 on this list beause i cannot ignore the time he abandoned rory on that bus.
  3. 3.
    luke is dependable. luke is always there. luke also runs a diner, which you would think would be a time-consuming, stressful job but appears to afford him unlimited vacation time and would afford ME all the coffee in the world. additionally, he wears a lot of plaid and has perpetual scruff, both of which i like.
  4. 4.
    christopher is the definition of a DILF (i guess getting your girlfriend pregnant at 16 will do that for you). initially he does not have his life together at all, which he makes seem attractive. then he DOES get his life together, which is even more attractive. plus, that time he tells lorelai "this is it for me, lorelai. you're it for me" is beautiful, even though it was 10 seconds after she and luke broke up. ok chris has his flaws but still solid choice.
  5. 5.
    dean sucks. dean is the kind of guy who breaks up with you because you don't love him after 3 months and he built you a CAR. v much the martyr type, which i am not into. also, cheated on his wife with his ex-girlfriend who he was never not in love with. would definitely not date dean. would probably sleep with dean, but would not go out of my way or anything. if he were there.
  6. 6.
    marty always gets included on these lists, so here he is. i do not feel strongly about marty, other than the obvious fact that he is one of those guys who complains about being in the friend zone. sorry, rory did not want to date you. plus, when he is dating lucy in season 7 he is kind of a fuckboy about the whole thing. in real life, i would probably date marty, but not in this fictional world where i could date any of these men.