unranked because i wouldn't know where to start. this may look like a list of my favorite gummy candies, but it is one and the same.
  1. mike & ikes
    mostly the cherry. ideal movie candy.
  2. trolli sour gummi worms
    my go-to.
  3. haribo sour gummi bears
    i could eat a bag of these in one sitting. more accurately, i can't NOT eat a bag of these in one sitting.
  4. trolli sour brite eggs
    i don't really even understand these but they are SO GOOD. totally underrated.
  5. swedish fish, regular size
    gtfo with those tiny ones. just kidding, i will take those too.
  6. sour patch watermelons
  7. sour patch kids
  8. haribo coca cola bottles
  9. zours
    weird sour mike & ikes that are really hard to find.
  10. gummi sharks, medium-sized
  11. peachios
    fuck me up with some gd peachios.
  12. haribo raspberries
  13. sour gummi cherry cola bottles
    another rare find.
  14. take 5 bar
    pretty good for a chocolate bar.