1. 👯
    a classic for a reason. can be used to show excitement, agreement, enthusiasm, support. basically works as a response to any statement.
  2. 😘
    "you're my best friend in this moment." OR "whatever you just said is going to make my life infinitely better" OR "you're my boyfriend and said something i am supposed to be supportive of but don't actually know how to respond to"
  3. 🍤
    arguably the most realistic-looking emoji with, tragically, the fewest applications in my daily life.
  4. 💕💕💕💕
    the most platonic and supportive heart-emoji combination. the fewer you use, the more aggressively into that person it comes across.
  5. 🙌🏻
  6. 🐋
    this whale is up to something, but nobody knows exactly what.
  7. 😎
    i don't actually like this one or really understand it, but my dad uses it to end almost every text message he sends me so it must mean something.