as presented to my boyfriend at midnight last night after he said "when does your lease end" (answer: november)
  1. PROS:
  2. have a lot of plates
    this is actually not true. i gave him all my plates when i got new kate spade ones from my mom, so now i have 4 medium and 4 large plates. pretty normal amount.
  3. good at cooking
    will share responsibilities evenly
  4. have a tv
  5. own a swiffer
    not a wetjet though, sorry
  6. great at doing the dishes
  7. lots of snuggling
    watching tv, taking a nap, going to bed, waking up!
  8. will leave you cute notes
  9. not attached to any of my furniture
    so our ikea trip will be a breeze
  10. would host an excellent dinner party
    can't right now because i live in a studio and only have two chairs, but would be great
  11. good at late-night conversations
  12. will love you a lot
  13. CONS:
  14. will never use that swiffer
    haven't even put it together yet
  15. will definitely force you to have late-night conversations
  16. come home and drop my stuff and do not put it away
    like in the first place i can find and will never move it
  17. prefer very warm temperatures
  18. have never had to pay an electric bill so honestly not sure how to do that
    could debatably figure it out
  19. don't want to watch any of the movies you want me to watch
    i will do it, but will fall asleep 30 minutes - 1 hour into it
  20. gonna make you listen to everything that happened to me the second i get home
  21. really don't have that many plates
    see: PROS
  22. might love you too much