Inspired by @alexim
  1. TV
  2. house of cards
    i know this was cool like 2 seasons ago but i just started watching it and wowowow i am obsessed! don't tell me anything past season 1! but i already know about zoe!!!!
  3. happy endings
    this is on hulu now and everything is right with the world!! rewatching this and remembering just how glorious and hilarious it is 💯💯💯
  5. cucumber slices, garlic hummus & a pita slice
    world's easiest lunch to pack -- literally just slice a cucumber in the morning and take it with you
  6. panera's frontega chicken panini
    wow this is so good?? i used to be afraid of getting any sandwiches at panera bc bread but now i go for it and this is delicious!!! i usually do half with a cup of french onion soup (maybe tomato basil depends on the day)
  7. RIP: this salad @ taylor gourmet they just stopped selling
    it had arugula, spinach, pickled red onions, cashews, roasted mushrooms, barley, breaded chicken. wow this salad was my ride or die but now it is gone & my life is empty
  9. yoga
    i am really trying to do more of this bc i know it is good for my mental health!!! i am not great about getting up to go at 6:30 am but my boyf is great at making me do that and for this i appreciate him. so invested in this that i am on the hunt for my own mat bc paying money to rent is stupid
  10. maybelline "blissful berry" lip color
    tbh i am usually more of a bright red kind of gal, but this is a great winter color and i am all about it. makes me feel very glam & rocker chic, neither of which i am.
  11. straws
    i only drink my diet cokes with straws now bc i have terrible teeth and this makes me feel better about it! it also makes me drink more diet coke which was not the intention but who cares i get it for free at work and it makes me happy!!!!!