1. people who get on a metro elevator first but stand near the front
    do you think you are better than me?????
  2. people who don't walk on the left side of the metro escalator
  3. everyone on the metro
  4. when someone is being the worst but i can't tell them that because then i will feel bad for causing a fuss
  5. that i feel like speaking my mind is "causing a fuss"
  6. that even though i know that's a cognitive distortion i still feel like i can't do anything about it
  7. people who own 5 guns "for their protection"
    as though they could possibly shoot them all at the same time. JUST ADMIT YOU WANT THEM, NOT NEED THEM.
  8. body-shaming/fat-talk
  9. when someone tells me to "relax"
  10. the undrinkable temperature of the coffee at starbucks
  11. pickles you think are going to be good but then turn out to be sweet