1. Aladdin (SNES)
    The cheat codes from an old issue of Disney Adventures is clutch.
  2. Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (SNES)
    Found this one in a bargain basement bin at Blockbuster (say that a few times fast) in the early 1990s. Still one of the best things I've ever bought to date.
  3. Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
    Camera angles are wonky, but a mashup of Disney movies with Final Fantasy. This is the prime example of "just so crazy it works."
  4. Final Fantasy X (PS2)
    I became so emotionally invested by the end that I suffered through more than 60 hours of the paltry (not to mention sexually offensive) sequel to achieve the "perfect" ending.
  5. The Empire Strikes Back (SNES)
    I'm not really sure I ever even played the SNES versions of A New Hope or ROTJ, but the opening sequence on Hoth on this game actually made me like that scene in the movie better.
  6. Donkey Kong (SNES)
    I mean, why not?
  7. Super Mario 2
    Come on, Peach can FLY.