I feel guilty just making this list.
  1. Bread Pudding
  2. Drunk online shopping
  3. Kraft Mac & Cheese (especially cold for breakfast)
  4. Manicures (Extra guilty after that @nytimes exposé...)
  5. Media Twitter
  6. Earnings Twitter
  7. Election Night Twitter
  8. The Bachelor/ette
  9. Drunk live-tweeting just about anything on TV
  10. Soy Lattes
  11. Those puffy snap peas snacks from Trader Joe's
  12. Reign on CW (Seriously there was no one in Scotland or France named "Lola" at that time. BUT THE CLOTHES.)
  13. Say Yes To The Dress
  14. Binge-Watching on Netflix with wine & cheese on a rainy Saturday night
  15. Cold pizza for breakfast
  16. Chatting with bartenders at hotel bars about local customs
  17. Fried food at airport bars
  18. The occasional chick-lit novel. (There is a time and a place for this category, and they usually coincide with airport and hotel bars.