have you ever looked up??
  1. just because we don't look alike, doesn't mean I'm not with the person IM LITERALLY TALKING TO. STOP ASKING ME FOR MY COSTCO CARD.
    I've made it a habit to physically hold on to the shopping cart when we walk in
  2. Why do the samples suck one day, and then become my literal lunch the next day?
  3. The prices for clothes are amazing - is anything wearable for someone under 45?
    Hard no.
  4. The water room became my throne
    I don't know if your Costcos had a designated water bottle room, but mine did, and I would turn it into a jungle gym
    If you ever owned them, you've thought this
  6. If you cleared out this place, how big would it be?
  7. How long can a game of hide-and-seek last here?