1. Netflix
    Duh. Mostly obscene amounts of embarrassingly bad serial crime shows, because summer vacation?? (A+ with adjectives) And I'm mostly doing it when I'm ... (See below)
  2. Avoiding working out
    I guess a 6-pack is possible in anyone's future, buuuutttt snacking does go hand-in-hand with Netflix
  3. Cooking new recipes
    That is until I run out of money and/or time. I've learned that most fun and "cool" hobbies require both money AND time. Shocking, right?
  4. Making lists
    Also duh.
  5. Try to be caught up on "current events"
    But, let's be honest, that usually leads to me falling for click bait for 4 hours.
  6. Go driving
    From these past two summer, and while I do not revoke anything I've said in the past about Long Island and its inhabitants, it is nice to drive around and belt an ... interesting array of music (and they said you couldn't belt Spoken Word lol). 30 minutes northeast and you hit farmland, and 30 minutes northwest and you hit some of the nicest beaches I've ever seen.