I guess I shouldn't say "everything and "always" because I do think there are some exceptions to this (e.g., if someone was killing you with a huge smile on their face, that would be creepy as fuqqqq)... But anyways I believe these things generally make everything better
  1. A smile
    I've been told multiple times that I smile too much. It's probably creepy but it helps me get through the day and honestly, it makes me smile when other people are smiling so I like to pass it on.
  2. Humor
    I can think of very few instances in which the use of humor would not be appropriate (e.g., very serious job interview), but I think it's so important to find the humor in things. It makes life so much easier and I have dealt with a lot of my own shit by laughing at myself and finding the humor in shitty situations. Also laughing at something funny is really one of the greatest feelings.
  3. Music
    Unless it's like horrible elevator music or Christmas songs in July or country music, I generally feel like everything is way better with music.
  4. Peach mango salsa
    This is probably just because I'm eating it right now and it is bangin. I definitely don't think this would taste good with like cereal or chocolate ice cream but it tastes good on lots of things.
  5. Nutella
    Suggested by @thecomicswife