1. Getting into a good flossing routine
    meaning I finally do it often enough that my gums no longer bleed rivers every time I attempt to floss
  2. When I pick up a stack of cards to deal out for a game and I end up having just enough cards to deal out
  3. Running into someone I haven't seen in a while but was just randomly thinking about
    See also: things that make me feel weird and creep me out a little bit
  4. Free samples
    Of anything
  5. Being the perfect amount of drunk
    Where everything is funny and I'm feeling very confident
  6. Family dinners
    My family has dinners every Sunday and even though it's such a common occurrence, it still makes me very happy
  7. When an awesome song that I haven't heard in a while comes on
    I love driving and my experience becomes like 10x better if an old Taking Back Sunday comes on that I can just scream along to while driving
  8. When I delete emails on my yahoo mail app and IT ACTUALLY FUCKING DELETES THE EMAILS
    This is a rare occurrence for some reason. Does this happen to everyone else?! Like why does it never actually delete my emails?