Not even kidding that I had at least 5 more that I can't remember. Of course I was logged in to all of them at the same time. Why? Ttyl~*
  1. sk8ershelly92
    I thought I was Avril Lavigne.
  2. gcsoccergrl427
    I was obsessed with Good Charlotte and sucked at soccer but liked to play it.
  3. lOsTiNtHeMuSiCx7
    I wAs ObVi So CoOl.
  4. XoRachelleSays
    So you knew who you were having a pointless conversation with I guess
  5. I had one about swimming, probably like love2swim with some random x's and numbers
  6. Definitely had at least 2 screen names with Fall Out Boy lyrics
  7. Squiggle92
    I just remembered that this was my first AOL screen name. I have no idea why I decided on using the word squiggle, when there is an endless number of random words to choose from.