5 of these things happened to me today
  1. When people wait until the last possible second to merge when there's a lane ending
  2. When people don't use turn signals, especially when merging into a lane
    I am 99.9% more likely to let you in in front of me if you have your turn signal on
  3. When people don't give you the courtesy wave when you let them in front of you
  4. When people drive the speed limit or UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT in the passing lane
  5. When you have to go into the right lane to pass someone that's driving slow in the left lane
  6. When people look at their phone every two seconds while driving
    I actually just don't even understand how people can focus on two things at once???
  7. When the light turns green and 0.5 seconds later the car behind you beeps for you to go
  8. When people give you judgy looks for rocking out to a song while driving
  9. When you're clearly at the stop sign first and the other car decides to go without even thinking about it
  10. When people don't stop or pull over for school buses or emergency vehicles (if possible)