1. Why am I watching this?
  2. Kelly Clarkson won American Idol like 100 years ago and I feel old AF.
  3. Do people still say "AF"?
  4. I wish I could sing like Kelly Clarkson.
    Tbh I sound more like a combination of Adele and Beyoncé.
  5. Is Justin Timberlake going to be here?
  6. I wish I could pull off a red lace dress like that.
  7. This is kinda lame but damn that girl can sing.
  8. Oh look it's Reba. Not a country music fan at all but I love the show Reba.
    My brother makes fun of me for watching it but I know he also thinks it's funny bc I've caught him laughing at it several times.
  9. Seriously is Justin Timberlake going to show up at some point?
  10. Is this an old thing?
    Robin Williams is in this and now I'm very sad.
  11. I don't think Justin Timberlake will be here.
  12. I would feel unbelievably bad-ass if I knew how to play the harp.
  13. So I just googled this and it's from 2013.
    Forever so behind on things.